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What messages does the universe have for you?

15 November 2019

Sterren en kleuren van Noorderlicht

I designed the protocol below for asking messages as a fantastic entrance for personal development. In the description I give a detailed example from my own experience. I am curious to see if this will help you and what will come out of it for you.

What do you do?

You ask a few messages in a row. You can focus on a certain situation or a goal you want to achieve. I did not do that here. The messages belong together like a story. Then you meditate on what this message has to tell you and then balance all the beliefs that are testing weak and that you would like to have.


Muscle test: There are important messages for me now
Muscle test: There are more than five messages for me (and keep going up or down until you get to the right number)
Muscle test: The most important message is number 1

What came out of it for me?

The test to see if there were important messages for me was positive. There were five messages for me. The order of importance was from number 1 to 5.

I asked for all messages first, without looking at them. In my case that was possible because three messages came from the 7 categories for change from the Basic Workshop and two from the booklet Refreshing Beliefs. My messages were:

  1. I am true to my personal vision.
  2. I am interested and compassionate when others criticise me.
  3. I enjoy being free from this [ ] habit.
  4. I claim my right to Divine Love and abundance.
  5. There is always enough money for me to do what I want to do.

Beliefs to balance

Then I meditated on the story of these five sentences and let my thoughts and feelings flow freely. The above beliefs tested already strong with me, so these sentences were clues to something else, of which number 1 was most important: I am true to my personal vision. When am I not? And why am I not? Below the result:

  1. I’m allowed to stick my neck out
  2. I dare to stick my neck out
  3. I feel safe, even when I am criticised
  4. I enjoy being free from [habit]: [fill in: laziness, candy, escapism]
  5. Through my actions I realise God’s plans for me.
  6. I am richly rewarded for my work: in satisfaction with my life and the money I earn with it.


In my opinion, a wonderful result of an hour of balancing in full cooperation of my higher consciousness, consciousness and subconscious. My consciousness decides to balance, my higher consciousness carries the messages and my subconscious can indicate where it causes tension during meditation and free association.

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