On this page people share the PSYCH-K® experiences they’ve had in the different workshops or in coaching sessions. PSYCH-K® makes it possible to bring about lasting change and resolve stress down to the cellular level. Read the wonderful experiences about what PSYCH-K® has already meant in the process of change and the lives of these people.

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Testimonial from a participant on Cyprus

I had the pleasure of attending Paula’s PSYCH-K® Basic workshop last year in Cyprus, and it was an absolute game-changer for me. Paula is an incredible instructor who is not only knowledgeable and experienced but also deeply caring and supportive. Her passion for PSYCH-K® shines through in every aspect of the workshop, from her clear explanations to her patient demonstrations and hands-on guidance.
Through the workshop, I was able to identify and release limiting beliefs that had been holding me back for years. With Paula’s expert guidance and support, I was able to apply the PSYCH-K® techniques in a safe and nurturing environment, surrounded by like-minded individuals who were all on their own personal growth journey.

Paula’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and she created a warm and welcoming atmosphere that made me feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire workshop. I left feeling empowered and equipped with practical tools to continue transforming my life.

I cannot recommend Paula’s PSYCH-K® Basic workshop highly enough. If you are looking to improve your mindset, release limiting beliefs, and achieve greater success and fulfilment in life, then this workshop is a must-attend. Thank you, Paula, for creating such a transformative experience and for being such an amazing teacher and guide!


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Tree trail in France

I had a spectacular experience yesterday. We went with the whole family to the south of France to do a tree trail. I found the easiest route extremely scary and I regularly stiffened up. I needed a lot of guidance to make the right steps and I felt complete tension in my body. Despite the great safety system they had. But I got through it.

Then I really wanted to do the route with lots of abseiling, that’s where the fun is supposed to be. But for this I first had to climb up 6 meters on a net ladder. I was almost crying of fear when the others climbed up. My daughter would be the only one to go after me.

I really didn’t dare, because when I reached the top I would have to climb from the net onto a small platform, secure myself and jump off the platform. A feeling of mortal dread came over me and I stiffened at the mere thought…. I had had this feeling before and it was not pleasant. On those occasions I had gone back without accomplishing anything, which is often quite a drama as well. Vertigo …. 😢

Paul challenged me to do a stress release…. For a moment I doubted whether I wanted to but okay, how nice it would be if that feeling of agony would disappear. 😃

Okay, so said, so done. I do a stress release on a bench in the trail. The process went pretty fast. I rounded up and celebrated the success. I got up from my bench. My daughter asks, “are you going to do it now?”

Feeling a void in my body where fear has been, I confidently say “yes,” walk to the net and climb up without hesitation. I step over onto the platform, sit down in the harness I’m wearing, grab the handle meant for that with my hands. The men call out from another platform, “Yes, there you go!” and without any fear I dismount and, completely freed, let myself slide to the other side. ‘Wow, that’s cool!’ I even dare to let go of a hand and squeal with joy! 🥳🥳🥳

I still can’t believe it. 🙃

So many beliefs that have changed my life have been successfully transformed. After ‘abundance’ increased our income sevenfold. After obstruction about spending money converted, I am now happy to enjoy and celebrate.

Petra Donkers

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A bright future

Our eldest son has been curious and eager to learn from an early age. In group 3 it soon became clear that he could not keep up with the reading, which later turned out to be due to eye motor problems and dyslexia. His teacher was a real reading fanatic. If you were not good at it you did not count. In the following years he did not have it easy at school. His mentor then told him that he had been voted out by 10 teachers, including the teachers of the subjects for which he had a 7.

Last period I followed the PSYCH-K course. When my oldest son heard about my experiences, he spontaneously indicated that he wanted to do something about school. He told me that he was never appreciated at school. As a result we tested the belief that ‘at school I am a valued pupil’ and then did a Balance. A few days later he came home and said that he had had a positive conversation with the department leader about a project. He then received help from the RT teacher to better arrange his auditory support.

During the following test week he suffered a blackout in a hot gymnasium, which really upset him. To our great surprise we received a message from the school that his test had been declared invalid and that he could retake it. That was fantastic of course. My son now experiences that the school supports him. He could then focus on the remaining tests and got very good grades in a number of subjects. I am so grateful to him for starting the process to turn the tide.

As a parent it is wonderful to see that life can really be different for him. The great thing about PSYCH-K is that you are in control, especially as an adolescent. You determine the subject and the goal belief yourself. Furthermore, it does not require much time and it does give you a lot. It is very accessible for young people because it is not a long-term training or therapy. Finally, at a young age you remove obstacles in a simple way so that your dreams can come true.

After blacking out, our son had to retake the course. He was dreading it because it was back in the gym. I explained to him that next school year the final exams would also be held in here. I gave him the suggestion to work on that situation. I gave him the space to come up with his own idea. To my surprise, after some thought, he indicated that he would like to work on the belief: ‘I have oxygen’. A little later he added. I have oxygen at all times’. During the balance I remembered his birth, which had been very complex and in which his oxygen had been compromised. I realized that this was his way of freeing himself from that trauma which had had a major impact on his learning development.

The next day he told me that while rowing he had much more air. Of course, to get a good grade it takes more than just doing a Balance. But being able to perform well starts with being able to think clearly. So he has taken another step in the right direction.


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Great strides forward

After a year of severe pain, my neurologist diagnosed me with osteoarthritis. It was so bad that during one period I could barely walk because of the pain. I also suffered from fatigue and little energy to do anything. Now I know a lot about nutrition and know that with the right food I can repair my body. And then I found via google PSYCH-K. I can tell you that the pain is almost gone.

I have applied many beliefs to my health and also to the origin of my obesity. I have done the same with my lymphatic system, meridians, hormones, etc. I have done different Balances to be able to sleep well, optimal microbiome, 100% free from pathogens, optimal healthy mucous membranes in my intestines, easy to absorb nutrients, the arthritis in my body stops now, trapped nerves in my back, wrists and ankles are now shrinking, etc.

By doing this so intensively I can tell you that the pain is almost gone. By being so intensely involved in this, there is no more room for negative thoughts, which were playing quite a role for me. The action steps I have taken are: 20 minutes of cycling every day, healthy organic vegetables and fruit where I avoid sugar, gluten and dairy.Only natural carbohydrates which I keep to a minimum. The effect is that I am almost pain free, have more energy and I feel happy and joyful.I have only been doing this for a few weeks and occasionally I get the feeling: Will this really be permanent, yet I have high hopes. I experience PSYCH-K as a gift.


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English difficult?

My youngest son is really very good at school. He only has problems with auditory processing, which is especially difficult with foreign languages. He has had therapy for this in the past. For an English listening test he got a 1.9. I did the balance with him on the belief, “when I hear English I understand it well.” Yesterday he had another listening test. He came home with a 10! He said the only thing he did differently in preparation was the balance. So cool!


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Singing student

A singing student doesn’t make it to the high notes of a song. It seems as if he is shooting out of key and it sounds false. He no longer dares to sing the song in front of people and already experiences stress at the start of the song. Instead of approaching it from a singing point of view, I am curious to see what happens when we use a PSYCH-K® stress transformation. And this we did! Then we balanced a few more supportive goal beliefs and yep, he hits the high notes, stays in key and sings the song cleanly. He now enjoys singing this song again. How beautiful that is!

Elrieke van Gelderen – Vocal Coach and PSYCH-K® Facilitator

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During the basic workshop, I worked with Paula to do a balance for my stress with avocados. In the past I ate avocados weekly but after getting sick once I never ate an avocado normally again. Several times I tried to eat them but each time it resulted in stomach cramps, gagging and then puking.

Just before the balance with Paula, I had ingested a piece of avocado and then done the balance. The moment I had taken a bite I got stomach cramps again, but just before I started gagging I noticed that my stomach calmed down during the balance. I then ate the rest of the avocado and for the first time after 8 years I ate an avocado again without spitting.


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Fear of choking

After attending the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop, I immediately wanted to help my wife with her various fears. She was terrified of mice and birds. But the most disturbing fear in her life was the fear of choking. Even drinking a glass of water was a daily challenge. And when something stuck in her throat during a meal, she was immediately overcome with blind panic. The slightest feeling in her throat was enough to cause panic.

The balance I had learned for this is simple and could be done quickly. She immediately realised the fear had disappeared. Drinking was suddenly easy and with a sip of cola, she easily and quietly swallowed the popcorn that became stuck in her throat during a movie a few days later. Miraculous! But the miracle wasn’t over yet. That week we went for a walk and there was a dead mouse on the path. Normally she would be scared to death, scream and walk around it with a huge arc. To my amazement she cried “Ooh, how pathetic!” and looked with loving sadness at the lifeless creature.

That one balance had solved all fears in one fell swoop! Thanks, Paula and thanks, PSYCH-K®!


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Into the deep water with PSYCH-K

In 2006 I had a bad experience during a trial dive in Egypt, which made me less interested in diving for a long time.

A friend of mine is a diving instructor and goes all over the world to dive. I saw what I was missing because of my fear, so I asked him if he could help me over my fear. In early January I made a first test dive with him in the pool. There I came up against my own fears a couple of times because the panic started as soon as I felt the diving mask closing off my nose. When we went deeper and I didn’t feel comfortable anymore, we reached a point where we just stopped.

Then I did the Basic PSYCH-K training and in preparation for the second test dive yesterday evening, I put the following Target Beliefs firmly into my system on Saturday evening:

“I feel safe underwater, with diving equipment!”
“I trust my diving equipment!”
“I feel comfortable with a diving mask on!”
“I do all my exercises underwater with ease!”

Result: yesterday, nothing more to worry about! This time we went to the deepest point of the pool and changed diving masks. After this test dive I even feel confident enough to register for the Open Water training and I will start in April.


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Nargis, deelneemster Basisworkshop
Felix, deelnemer Advanced Workshop
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Transforming stress, with results

Last weekend I did a stress transformation on the tension I feel when my daughter cries or screams. I have also transformed a number of limiting beliefs related to this issue. Immediately I experience the effects of PSYCH-K® and know for sure that PSYCH-K® works. When my 3 year old daughter starts crying or screaming now, I remain calm and can react and make choices in a carefully thought out way. When the stress became too much for me, I used to scream or give her what she wanted sooner so she’d stop. Now I don’t do that anymore. I can hardly believe it, but it really is completely different. I also did a lot of other balancing with myself and today I was with my daughter all day and I could really enjoy it. That is so new. I am so grateful. Because I regularly experienced tension and reacted in ways I did not want to, I had started to follow PRI therapy. I am very satisfied with that, but (after 6 sessions) it has not yet  led to the enlightenment I am experiencing now. PSYCH-K® has surpassed everything I hoped for. I can hardly believe it. I’m so sure PSYCH-K® works that I’m going to use it as much as I can with the clients in my practice. Life has suddenly taken on a whole new meaning for me. Thanks to you and Rob Williams that PSYCH-K® is now in my life!


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Dancing with pleasure

As a professional ballroom dancer returning to competition dancing after an absence of 8 years,  I found competition dancing stressful. During the Basic Workshop I balanced this ‘stressful event’ using PSYCH-K® techniques. As a result, during the subsequent Dutch Championship I experienced the joy of dancing and the freedom to express myself again for the first time in years. It was as if I was dancing my first match, without inhibitions and spontaneously, but with 25 years of experience. I am very grateful for this experience and PSYCH-K®!


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Mitch, deelnemer Basis Workshop
Alix, deelneemster Advanced Workshop
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Fear of flying

PSYCH-K® has meant a lot to me. It has brought my life back into balance and helped me get rid of panic attacks, hyperventilating, excessive brooding and tension complaints (e.g. tension headaches and stomach aches). But what surprised me the most is that I overcame my biggest fear. And that is fear of flying. This happened after a balance (a PSYCH-K® exercise) that lasted only 5 minutes. Normally, flying is a path of avoidance for me. I had some bad panic attacks and then I decided never to fly again. I am glad that I got on a plane again last June and I was relaxed and quiet most of the time. I have seen that PSYCH-K® works for me. I can advise everyone to try PSYCH-K® because it can make a difference in any area of your life.


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Master Facilitation Workshop is indispensable

‘If you want to work with PSYCH-K, the Master Facilitation Workshop is actually indispensable. After the basic workshop I soon realised that I had no idea how to structure a session, what I had to be aware of, what obstacles I could encounter and how I could respond adequately and professionally. I’ve learned all that now, in three intensive, packed and super-instructive days. Now I feel really confident enough to get to work’.


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Noa, deelneemster GWP (Engels)
Nick, personal coach
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Dealing with horses

Yesterday I successfully completed the Advanced workshop in Leiderdorp. Fully satisfied, I drove to my lodgings, ate dinner, and then went to explore the unfamiliar surroundings by scooter.

I don’t like horses very much, especially not with riders. They’re often nervous and I never trust them completely. Otherwise, I’m a real animal lover. Last night I was eating an apple at the side of the road, and in the distance a horse with a rider approached. Very calmly, I looked at the horse, and thought: that horse wants my apple. He came closer and looked at me with curiosity, after which the rider guided the horse my way. Without any problem I let him sniff and petted him. I could quietly talk to him, and I offered him my apple. He calmly accepted it. The horse nodded and wanted to move on.

In the past few days I have done several balances, nothing that was consciously aimed at horses, and then this experience! How beautiful and magical PSYCH-K® is!


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PSYCH-K® helps me

“PSYCH-K® helps me turn obstructive beliefs into empowering beliefs, and change fighting, fleeing and freezing reactions in stressful situations in the present, past and future into normal and healthy reactions”.


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Gertie, coach en begeleider
Kandidaten Basis Workshop
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Celebrating your birthday: oh no!

I look back on the Basic Workshop with great pleasure and am glad that I followed my heart when it said to follow the workshop (despite the hustle and bustle in my life). I can see that PSYCH-K® enriches my life. The remarkable thing is that I have felt much more energetic the past few weeks, I have experienced more inner peace and I am more in ‘the flow’. The demo of the stress transformation on birthday celebrations has had an effect: where I normally experienced a lot of restlessness during the preparations and on the day itself (resulting in going to the supermarket 3 times on that day) I was now relaxed and going to the supermarket once was more than enough! I did work on stress that I experience in the presence of certain people (read: in-laws) but here too I was aware of experiencing peace and quiet! Extraordinary what the higher self can do!


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Balancing for letting go of fears

For years I felt very uncomfortable and sometimes anxious when dogs were barking and/or running towards me. This fear has been nourished partly because I was once bitten by a dog. During the basic workshop PSYCH-K® Paula did a balance with me on “my fear of dogs”. And it really works. Splendid! I am not afraid anymore when dogs approach me. Last week I was put to another test: Visiting someone who has three dogs, two big ones and a puppy. When I came in, the dogs came barking and running towards me to greet me. I didn’t feel any fear at all, and even petted the dogs. That felt nice and good. Super to not be afraid of dogs anymore.


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Deelneemster Advanced workshop
Karin, begeleider van transformatieprocessen
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Life Bonding Balance

The Advanced workshop was super! I enjoyed it immensely and I use the “new” balances practically every day in my practice! Surrogation is great. I did a Life Bonding Balance with an elderly woman who wanted to die and threatened her daughter with it. She was having trouble connecting the thymus centre to the hara point, so I took her place and we did it together. After that everything was a breeze. After the Life Bonding Balance (we had already done a Core Belief Balance) she found joy in life again, her nightmares disappeared. Two days later she wanted to buy a new dress :). Wonderful result.


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Looser shoulder muscles

I found the workshop very good and clear and I was able to practice the basics right away. I was able to use the weekend to tidy things up and put them in order. I noticed that right away! During the weekend of the workshop I did not sleep well from Saturday to Sunday. I often had tension headaches, and then the muscles in my neck and shoulders tightened. When I couldn’t sleep, I noticed that I had muscle pain around my shoulders. I thought it was because of the muscle tests we had done with our arms stretched out. But the next day I felt right away, with the first muscle tests: that was not it. Because those muscles did not give me any muscle pain. The evening after the workshop it suddenly became clear: the muscles in my neck and shoulders that had been tense so often were suddenly much looser! So my body had been busy disposing of the waste products. My shoulder muscles are still much more supple than they have been for a long time. Immediate results, then!

Since the workshop I have used PSYCH-K® regularly, to balance stress and change beliefs. It feels great!

In short, I am very happy with the things I learned from you.

Thank you very much!.

Kolibrie als scheider tussen ervaringen
Trui, coach
Dora, student in neuropsychology (Engels)
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You don’t know what you’re missing

I was very surprised.

After 3 months I participated for a second time in the basic course PSYCH-K®.

Only then did I realise that the third day, when the theme of stress is dealt with, had completely passed me by the first time. Paula explained that this is what stress does. I really had not understood it. The information doesn’t come in and you don’t know it yourself.

I am glad that I did the course a second time. It made it clear to me why I still had trouble testing myself after the first time. Thanks to the repetition I can now deal with the (often subconscious) stress and apply PSYCH-K® with confidence. I am doing it with more and more pleasure.

Repeating a course really has a deepening effect. It is nice to share with each other like this. You connect with each other and you are working on your beliefs in a creative way at the same time.


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Miraculous experience

Dear Paula,

First of all I want to thank you again for a great weekend! I can honestly say that I feel like a different person since then. I came for the blockage I felt in my own business, never expecting to receive so much more.

I came to the workshop when I had already had a severe headache for more than 3 weeks, for which I had taken a lot of painkillers and had gone to physiotherapy twice a week. Already on the first day I got a stress transformation for this and since then I have REALLY been headache free and have not taken any painkillers anymore.

Also, I have been walking for years with an SI-joint in my back that is regularly 2 cm crooked and has to be straightened again. This had become so bad that the physiotherapist couldn’t straighten it anymore and I had to have pictures taken in the hospital last week. During the workshop I installed “My SI-joint is straight” with a balance. (Actually, it was meant as more of a joke, because what is slanting, is really slanting, right?) After the second day of the workshop, I could suddenly sleep on my side again, something that I could never do because of this problem…Yesterday I went to the physiotherapist and asked him if he would check my SI-joint. He looked if he saw water on fire…..my SI-joint was standing up!!!!!!! We cheered together in the room. And then I did a PSYCH-K® balance with my physiotherapist! He was so impressed with what he’d seen that he wanted to experience it for himself.


Kolibrie als scheider tussen ervaringen
Rob, Advanced Workshop
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Repetition is worthwhile

My first Basic Workshop was in a group of 40 participants (led by one  trainer and an assistant). Shortly afterwards it was possible to repeat this workshop, in a smaller setting with 8 people (and one trainer). Both workshops were fun & instructive!

During the first workshop I didn’t want to think about spending three full days on the same subject two weeks later > the opposite turned out to be true: I actually liked the idea of spending time on the same content again after such a short time!  Apparently I had missed things the first time. This was probably mainly because I wanted to take in all the new subject matter > the second time I had more time and space to apply what I had learned better.

The support of the trainers was very valuable in both sessions. That’s why I am glad that I followed the basic workshop again, so soon after the first time… highly recommended, then!


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Start the day vigorous

In recent years I have worked intensively to heal (subconscious) trauma with, among others, the insights of Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert. Although the truth heals the delusion, it doesn’t mean that 65 years of ingrained survival behaviour will just be transformed if you know what the cause of your trauma is. We were still looking for a way to transform stress in one’s body caused by subconscious trauma feelings. At the end of January 2016 my wife and I did the basic PSYCH-K® training with Paula van de Werff and Marina Riemslagh.

While practicing in pairs, I did a balance with the belief “I am vigorous”. I visualised it, presented it audibly and kinaesthetically. After this VAK as it is called, it was immediately put to a serious test. Before I had done this balance, it had required a lot of effort in recent years to get up in the morning. I thought that was because I built up a lot of stress in my body at night in my unconscious dreams. The technique I had developed to release this trauma energy was to sleep on a grounded sheet and take a cold shower outside in the garden after getting up. What you can probably imagine is that this leads to me waking up immediately and being fully alive and feeling vigorous.

After the balance from the basic course PSYCH-K®, which is now two weeks ago, I jump out of my bed every morning at 07.00 and feel vigorous. I used to get up at 8.30 at the earliest, with a lot of effort and often much later. It’s not that I jump out of bed as if I’m hypnotized. I have to take the step myself, but the path is clear. That is how I experienced it. Now after that first run I can feel that the belief that I am vigorous has positive power.

Together with my wife, I practise every day if we possibly can and we will integrate PSYCH-K further in our lives. My wife will also increase her skills as a coach and therapist through the Advanced Integration Workshop and PSYCH-K PRO.

Paula, thank you and I am looking forward to meeting you again in the future.

HEARTfelt greetings, from HEART to HEART


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I’m free, I can breathe

My expectations of the workshop PSYCH-K® were high. The stories of Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams appealed to me. During the workshop you go in search of your own limiting beliefs, then you work on them. As long as I can remember I have had the feeling that others are trying to limit me, that I have to be assertive so that I am not trampled on. When people do that to me, it grabs me by the throat. At my birth the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck and then a year and a half later, I almost suffocated in a harness because I would drag my bed around with me (according to my mother). During the training I practiced with the belief “I am free, I am allowed to breathe freely”, and tried to evoke the feeling that obstructed me by means of examples. Fortunately Paula was around, because during the session I experienced suffocating again. I turned purple twice. Paula gave me the confidence that it was alright. Now a week after the training I am fully confident that I can clear away a lot of obstructions with this method. The muscle test is very valuable to me. It is realistic, truthful and not woolly. PSYCH-K gives me a handle on a happier life. Thank you, Paula and PSYCH-K®.


Kolibrie als scheider tussen ervaringen

Basic Workshop PSYCH-K® opens doors

“After reading Bruce Lipton’s books, I was convinced of the usefulness of PSYCH-K. Now I just had to learn how to use the tool. The basic training was still a pleasant surprise: in addition to the content, Paula’s clear and enthusiastic story really appealed to me. She is pure and sincere; I enjoyed it. What appeals to me in the tool is that it allows me to open two doors: the door to obstructions and the door to what’s overarching, what’s bigger than us. Valuable for myself (I keep practicing with myself, it’s just so much fun to work with) but certainly also valuable for the clients I work with. Warmly recommended!


Kolibrie als scheider tussen ervaringen

PSYCH-K® works for me

The universe delivers faster if the subconscious agrees with it. I have seen this repeatedly after the PSYCH-K course. I did a ‘VAK for the Future’ for a house on the beach and within ten minutes there was someone sitting next to me telling me about affordable houses in Zandvoort.

A mother who worried about her adult children on a daily basis did not do so after she put the belief: ‘I am free of worries,’ into her system.

I am calmer, more receptive and have more confidence in the divine in life. It also gives me peace of mind to know that I can transform any limiting belief so quickly. No more long sessions!


Kolibrie als scheider tussen ervaringen

Inflamed eyelids

Paula and I met at a time when I would have preferred to have stayed at home: I had inflamed eyelids, with a significant accumulation of fluid under the skin between the two extreme corners of the eye. I now have a bit of an idea of what it would feel like if Botox had been applied under the skin of my forehead.

Paula asked questions about the inflamed eyelids according to the PSYCH-K system. The most important message was that it was now time to let go of emotions that were over thirty years old. They had to do with what was once an intense experience – the emotions of which I could not retrieve later in the session. A few hours later the swelling had diminished to less than half. The next day there was almost nothing left of any discomfort.

Nice work, Paula! I am very happy, thank you very much.


Kolibrie als scheider tussen ervaringen

Passionate tennis player

It often happens to me that I lose points during a tennis match. For example, when I’m in front. As if it should all be for fun, whatever that means. As if I unconsciously decide that I can’t win with big numbers, or win at all. I then lose lots after I started with a big lead.

Together with Paula I made a balance on the belief: “I show my opponents every corner of the court”. It was the first time I did PSYCH-K® like this. It felt good during the balance and I could notice a difference in muscle testing. It made me wonder how it would turn out on the tennis court.

What a difference! It really was a transformation I wasn’t expecting. The next game I played, I never eased up. I didn’t care if I was ahead, and when I was behind, I kept believing in my own strength. It was as if I was playing without limitations, just at full power. I won those tournament week games that I had lost before. And when I met someone better, it was an exciting game right to the end!

Thank you, Paula!


Kolibrie als scheider tussen ervaringen


Now, I had to sing on Thursday in the choir. The conductor studies your voice then, how high and low you can reach, and if you pick things up quickly. Really something for me to get nervous about. Well, I wasn’t nervous at all because I had done a balance beforehand. I even enjoyed it. Something like that gives me courage, I think. And quick results.


Kolibrie als scheider tussen ervaringen

No more nausea

An example is about my daughter, who went for a week of work yesterday. She was dreading the bus trip, because she always gets carsick. I then tested the belief, I feel good during a bus trip. She tested strong on it. (‘I always get car sick’ was weak). Together we talked about the underlying feeling, the underlying belief. What came out was that she was afraid of getting nauseous, “it bothers me again”. We then tested the belief: “it always goes exactly the way I want during a bus trip” she tested weak and after a Resolution balance, it tested strong. Tuesday evening she called, the bus got lost and they had to drive 5 hours instead of 3 hours. She didn’t feel nauseous for a moment!


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