Would you like to know more about me or the PSYCH-K® method? Then I advise you to read my book:

  • ISBN 978-90-830303-1-9
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In it I explain what PSYCH-K® can do for you and why it works. I describe the types of problems people have successfully used PSYCH-K® for. And how you can move a little in the direction of a life the way you want it to be. Because it makes sense to put energy into answering the question, “What do I really want?”

The Director

Take a chair, and preferably the director’s chair!
It symbolizes a life in which you experience what you really want to experience. Because you are directing the film of your life yourself. We sometimes forget that you can. And then this happens: you get crushed by your subconscious. That subconscious can be seen as a big lobes of an elephant who wants to serve you very faithfully, but who doesn’t always know how.

The hummingbird you see there says it all: you get the cooperation of your inner subconscious elephant by doing PSYCH-K®. That is a technique in which I give workshops.

With the help of PSYCH-K® you know how to climb on top of your own subconscious and let him help you with the things you find important.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about PSYCH-K®, the site offers a lot of information about PSYCH-K® itself and the workshops. If you are interested in ordering my book, you can do so on the order page.

See the agenda for more information about the dates of the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop and other workshops.


The book Become the Master of your Mind is also available in hardcover. Take care, the hardcover book is in Dutch and the official title is Neem de regie over jezelf with ISBN number 90-9031191-3.