PSYCH-K® Coaching

In PSYCH-K® we call the facilitator of a PSYCH-K® change process a facilitator and not a therapist or coach. We choose this because the Facilitator supports the client’s change process. The real change takes place in and by the client. In the way we execute and talk about the PSYCH-K® processes we support this principle.

Workshop or coaching?

When do you opt for an individual coaching programme and when for a PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop? This is a very personal question and the answer will differ from person to person. The advantage of the workshop is that you become independent from others in your growth process. Within PSYCH-K® this is very important to us and in the end, I will always recommend that you come and take the Basic Workshop. And sometimes coaching is wise before you follow the workshop or if you run into something specific that needs extra attention.

So what do you do first? Below are a number of considerations that can help in your decision making process:

Do you have acute stress that prevents you from functioning properly? Then it is a good idea to opt for an individual coaching programme. It is necessary to stabilize yourself first, before you are able to absorb something new. A PSYCH-K® Facilitator can assist you in this.

Do you have no idea why you are under so much stress? Why you have recurring problems? If this is so, it is better to work with a coach (PSYCH-K® Facilitator). The coach/facilitator helps you with self-reflection and the formulation of Goal Statements  to reprogramme your subconscious.

However, many people have already done a lot of things before they come to me. Because of this, they know exactly where their problems come from and which beliefs bother them. It is best for these people to go straight to the workshop. Learning the Balances is easy and they already know what they need. This provides the most autonomy and is the less expensive solution…

We all have blind spots. By definition, we cannot easily reflect on them ourselves, because they occur outside our consciousness. Here we need another sparring partner to help us find the stings. In this case you can choose either a coaching programme or the workshop. The coach obviously helps with reflection; during the workshop you will meet many like-minded people with whom you can engage in a process of reflection.

Coaching by Paula

Paula is an instructor for the PSYCH-K® Workshops and is available to Facilitators for individual sessions, in other words, for people who have attended at least the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop.

If you are looking for a PSYCH-K® coach and have not yet attended the Basic Workshop, or if you are simply looking for someone else, please contact the My Recommended Facilitators list. These are professional Facilitators who have attended at least three PSYCH-K® Workshops: the Basic Workshop, the Master Facilitation Workshop, and the Advanced Workshop.

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Recommended Facilitators

Below is the list of PSYCH-K® Facilitators. They have diverse backgrounds, such as body therapist, coach, psychologist, haptonomist, emotional therapist or child coach. Please select a Facilitator that is right for you from the list of Recommended Facilitators.

These are professionals who work with PSYCH-K® and have attended at least the following workshops: Basic Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, and Advanced Workshop.

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