Advanced Integration Workshop

When you are ready to broaden the skills you learned in the Basic Workshop PSYCH-K, then the Advanced Integration Workshop is the next step. The admission condition is that you have taken the Basic Workshop PSYCH-K.

In the Advanced Integration Workshop PSYCH-K you will learn Balances that increase your competency for transforming core beliefs and stress patterns, to reduce stress in relationships and communication. With the help of various processes, you can experience new inner strength and freedom in all areas of your life.

The balances that you learn:

In this process you transform 13 core beliefs that may often keep you from realizing your full potential. It is a general process to change beliefs and to prepare your mind/body system for accelerated change.
You learn to use 12 energy points on the body, based on acupuncture. Every point represents key beliefs that give you valuable information about how you may limit yourself in specific situations. These points are an easy portal to your beliefs which you can then transform in seconds.
The birth trauma and the fear of death are two important aspects of being human. In this Balance you learn to use your breath as a means to transform the limiting impact of these influences on your life.
Surrogation gives you the possibility to effect ‘change at a distance’. Surrogation can be used to help friends, family and even pets. When in Surrogation you do the Balances as if you are this other person.
This Balance helps to transform personal difficulties with others and to learn the lessons in the relationship. It clears up your perspective on the value of your relations with parents, children, lovers, friends and colleagues.
You learn to transform stress that stands in the way of your feeling of trust and safety with others. Then it becomes easier to make rapport and to keep it.
A safe and effective process through which you can focus energy on a belief point to transform subconscious beliefs and stress quickly and easily.


The workshop takes 4 full days. The first day starts at 9:30 am and ends at 6 pm. The second and third day are from 9 am till 6 pm and the fourth day from 9 am till 4 pm. The following Advanced workshops are scheduled:

There are currently no workshops scheduled in English. Please contact me to discuss opportunities for scheduling a workshop in 2020.

For an overview of all workshops see the agenda.


The 4-day Advanced Integration Workshop PSYCH-K costs € 1.030,-.

Repeaters pay € 50,- per day and commit to participate the full 4 days. They receive a discount of €40 if they provide a massage table themselves.


Life Bonding Balance

The Advanced workshop was super!! I enjoyed it immensely and I use the ‘new’ balances almost every day in my practice! Surrogation is terrific. I have done a Life Bonding Balance with an old woman who wanted to die and threatened her daughter with this. She had problem to establish connection between the thymus center and the hara point so I went in surrogation for her and we did it together. After that it was easy. After doing the Life Bonding Balance (we already did a Core Belief Balance) she found pleasure in life again, her nightmares disappeared. Two days later she wanted to buy a new dress :). Beautiful result.