Are you interested in the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop and not sure if it suits you? Or are you interested but you also want to start using PSYCH-K® for your personal growth?

You can book an introductory session with specially selected and trained Facilitators. During an introductory session, you will work on your own subjects and get acquainted with the 2 Balances from the Basic Workshop. This allows you to immediately experience the effect of the Balances in your inner and outer worlds.

An introductory session costs € 242,- including VAT for 90 minutes. You receive the ebook Become the MASTER of Your Mind and when you decide to do the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop you receive a € 75,- discount from de Werff. When you register, please indicate when and with whom you booked the introductory session.

Olifant aan het touwtjespringen