PSYCH-K® Workshops

There are five PSYCH-K workshops. Three of these you can follow at De Werff in English. Those are:

For more information about the other two workshops, please find links below to

Basic Workshop

In the 3-day Basic Workshop you learn two simple PSYCH-K processes (Balances) to transform stress and limiting beliefs at the subconscious level. You learn how to create good new beliefs and you practice a lot so that the processes can become second nature. Sometimes it is necessary to explain to your subconscious what the new program will look/sound/feel like. You learn how to do this. While practicing with these processes you are working with your own limiting beliefs and transform them to your desired outcomes, you determine what the content of the process is.

Advanced Workshop

During the Advanced Integration Workshop PSYCH-K you learn several new Balances that add to your competencies to transform beliefs and stress patterns, and reduce tensions in relations and communications. With new processes you gain new inner strength and freedom in all aspects of your life. The admission requirement for this workshop is the Basic Workshop PSYCH-K.

Health and Wellbeing Program

This program is for PSYCH-K Facilitators who want to use PSYCH-K for health problems. Health is approached from many angles, using the structures of the Basic and Advanced Balances. You learn to increase your possibilities to trace the underlying limiting beliefs, which may impede your healing. You focus more on the possible underlying problems than on the symptom.

Rob Williams about PSYCH-K®

For more information on PSYCH-K watch and listen to the originator Robert Williams in his movie The Psychology of Change (1:13 hours).