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Is PSYCH-K® nonsense?

16 October 2023

Is PSYCH-K® nonsense? That is often the first question that comes up when you type in PSYCH-K® on google. Besides, it was also my first thought when I first heard about it. And yet I was curious … Imagine if it works …

In this article, Paula shares her introduction to PSYCH-K®. Are you interested in other people’s PSYCH-K® stories? Also read PSYCH-K® experiences.

How I came into contact with PSYCH-K®

I had been working as an occupational and health psychologist for quite some time. When, after six sessions, it became apparent that I had not effectively supported my client with her request for help. I felt inadequate as a psychologist. That evening, I shared my concerns with a Swedish friend about my professional challenges and my felt lack of competence.

She advised me to consult Bruce Lipton, known for his book ‘The Biology of Belief. I was familiar with his work and found it very inspiring. I decided to research what PSYCH-K® meant and stumbled upon something improbable: that you could transform a deeply held limiting belief into a supportive one in 5 min.

With my solid scientific background, I was sceptical. Yet I began to doubt thanks to Bruce Lipton’s belief in this process. In the end, I decided to attend the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop based on his recommendation.

My Experience with PSYCH-K®

After the first day of the workshop, I knew for sure: as psychologists, we haven’t understood how changing thoughts really works. We are used to stirring in the past, shedding lots of tears, and focusing on gaining insight into what is wrong. These days, on the contrary, I realise that everything you give attention grows. Just try not to think of a pink elephant – I bet you are thinking of a pink elephant right now. So, if you keep digging too much into the past, the unpleasant feelings will only grow, and it’s counterproductive. You want to focus on what you do want, exactly what we do at PSYCH-K®.

How PSYCH-K® works exactly is not yet fully known. What I can say with certainty, and many with me, is that PSYCH-K® works. I have experienced this repeatedly, both with myself and in my practice. I noticed that the tension within me became less and less. I became less defensive and felt happier. I started dreaming again about what I wanted to do with my life, and I am now actually doing that.

Sometimes I hear people say, “But if it was so simple, why have I been suffering from depression for 40 years?” We have certain beliefs about change and how it comes about. My belief is that we have not fully understood how change works at the subconscious level. We have thoughts like, “Those who want to be beautiful must suffer pain”, “nothing is for free”, “life is difficult and complex”. These are just beliefs. If you don’t like them, you can change them to: “Change is simple and easy for me”, “My life is easy and simple”.

It is crucial to embrace supportive and positive beliefs. If you believe that you do not matter, have no value, no one is waiting for you, indeed, that you are only a burden to others (typical depressive beliefs), then you activate a different chemistry in your body than when you believe, “I matter”, “I have value”, “I lead a meaningful life”. Research has shown that people with a positive view of themselves, others and the world live longer and are happier than those who do not. With PSYCH-K®, you can change your subconscious beliefs. [Psy] is not nonsense. Take control of your thoughts and feelings!

More information about PSYCH-K®

You can read more about PSYCH-K® on the page, What is PSYCH-K®?, in my free e-book, or in my book with foreword by Bruce Lipton ‘Become the master of your mind … and make your dreams come true with PSYCH-K®.’ PSYCH-K® is given in-person for people who want to transform their inner environment. Read more about the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop here.

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