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PSYCH-K® wishful thinking?

17 May 2019

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Yes, that’s what I thought when I heard about PSYCH-K®. To transform deep-rooted beliefs that you have carried with you all your life in just 5 minutes into a self-enhancing belief? Yeah, right!

I have a scientific education and I have studied at a number of well-known universities. And now I was asked to enter something that according to my so-called scientific knowledge could not be possible at all.

And yet I was curious … Imagine that it is possible …

That beliefs are the basis of much suffering, I already believed. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is also based on this idea. In CBT we look for the beliefs that are bothering you and we try to convert them into supportive thoughts and to confirm them with new behavior. A slow and laborious process with little lasting success.

According to Bruce Lipton (cell biologist and author of the book: The biology of belief) thoughts work on a quantum level and we have no idea how change takes place at this level. I do not know that either.

What I do know and many others with me is that PSYCH-K® works. And I know that because I’ve had this experience time after time. And every time I felt more relaxation in my body and cramps disappear. I became less defensive and more cheerful. I dreamed again about what I wanted to do with my life and that is what I’m actually doing now.

Sometimes I hear people say, yes, but if it would be that easy, why have I been suffering from depression for 40 years? We have beliefs about change and how change works. My position is that we have not understood how change works on the subconscious level. We have thoughts like: “No pain no gain”, “only the sun rises for nothing”, “life is difficult and complex”. These are just beliefs. And if you do not like them, you can change them to: “Changing is easy for me”, “My life is easy and simple “.

It is important to believe self-enhancing beliefs. If you think that you do not matter, do not have anything valuable to contribute, no one is interested in you, in fact, that you are only bothering the other person (typical depressive beliefs), then you turn on another pharmacy in your body. then when you think “I can do it”, “I’m valuable”, “I lead a meaningful life”. Research has shown that people with a positive view of themselves, the other and the world live longer and are happier than people who do not. And with PSYCH-K® you can change your subconscious beliefs. Take control!

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