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PSYCH-K® Exercises

30 January 2021

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PSYCH-K® is a beautifully simple method to help you transform yourself into the kind of person you want to be. You can free your body of stress and transform your limiting beliefs into supportive ones with the help of a few simple PSYCH-K® exercises (called Balances). More information about PSYCH-K® can be found on my PSYCH-K® page, my free e-book and my book. And if you’d like to learn the Balances yourself you can attend a PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop.

Some examples of limiting beliefs

Is your relationship not going well, do you get irritated or angry for no apparent reason, do you worry about an upcoming job interview? There is a good chance that there are underlying limiting beliefs. Which ones they are is different from person to person and depends on your own personal history.


Is your relationship not going well, do you find for example that jour partner does not do his share of chores in the household? And is this a recurring source of irritation with you? Chances are that you have very different expectations than your partner. You may expect him to take out the trash without you having to say so. While he expects you to do this without grumbling. After all, this is how it used to be at his house growing up. These are old programs that you can transform. He may benefit from the belief: I am happy to put the garbage container out on the street. She: I communicate my desires clearly and lovingly.


Reacting irritably or angrily at the drop of a hat is a good indication that there is too much stress in your body. These are signals that you can address right away with a PSYCH-K® exercise (Balance) through a stress transformation. While doing a stress transformation it often becomes clear what the trigger of your anger has been. Often this is a limiting belief which you can then transform. With the PSYCH-K® exercises you can ensure that you are at peace and can react in peace with what is happening around you.

Upcoming job interview

Future events can be a great source of stress for us. It hasn’t even happened yet and our stress hormones are already running at full speed because of the thoughts we have about it. Limiting beliefs such as: I am too old, who will want me, I am not good enough, other applicants are probably much better. A simple PSYCH-K® exercise is then to ask yourself: What do I want? Well I want to believe that I am good enough, that I am the right candidate for this job, that I shine at the right time, that I enjoy the interview. Then, with the help of Balances, you can program these beliefs into your subconscious.

Introductory session

Would you like to experience the PSYCH-K® exercises (Balances) for yourself? You can book an introduction session with a specially selected Facilitator in your area. If you then decide to attend the Basic Workshop, you will receive a € 75,- discount on the workshop.

Have you done the Basic workshop? Special PSYCH-K® exercises for you!

If you did the Basic Workshop I have a separate blog series with inspiring PSYCH-K® exercises (other than the Balances) to help you find your limiting beliefs. These PSYCH-K® exercises are also fun for people who have not done the Basic Workshop. However, they did not learn the Balances to then reprogram their found subconscious limitations. And feel free to take a look here.

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