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PSYCH-K® and children

23 August 2020

I am regularly asked if PSYCH-K® and children are compatible, whether the Balances with children can be used, and whether children can participate in the various workshops. The answer is wholeheartedly: “Yes!” Children like doing Balances. They are active, fast and solution-orientated. This means that children do not have to think for a long time about what hurts them. The most important question soon is: What do you want?

Children and Balances

A Facilitator can work with a child the moment he or she can reliably muscle test. Experience shows that this is from the age of eight. For some children this can also be an earlier age. Children like doing Balances. It is active and something they can easily do themselves. PSYCH-K® also fits well with their emotional development. In PSYCH-K® you don’t have to think endlessly about ‘how did it happen’. We look at what’s there and how you want it to be different. This makes PSYCH-K® very solution-orientated. So PSYCH-K® and children go very well together. An example about a young girl who was bullied: After having tried all kinds of things (psychologist, ‘kanjer’ training), her parents (and she herself) were desperate, and they wanted to make their daughter more resilient. With PSYCH-K® we tackled not only limiting beliefs about resilience, but also the beliefs that this girl carried with her and that subconsciously invited bullying behaviour. Such as: ‘I don’t deserve to be happy’; ‘no one likes me’; ‘I don’t belong here’.

Wisdom of children

Experience shows that children know very well what is going on and have little hesitation in naming it. That makes finding the limitations easy and with PSYCH-K® we transform easily. Children know what they want and what they need. It’s up to us to listen carefully.

Younger than 8 years? What to do now?

Of course it happens that children younger than 8 years have problems. They too can be helped with PSYCH-K®. In the PSYCH-K® Advanced workshop and in the Master Facilitation Workshop you will learn a technique that we call Surrogation. In surrogation, the parent can work as a surrogate for the child. The child does not need to be physically present. You can imagine the technique of surrogation as putting on the energy mantle of someone else. And you then do PSYCH-K® Balances as if you were the other person. People who are familiar with Constellations (systemic work) are already familiar with this. A good example of the impact of surrogation occurred during the PSYCH-K® Advanced Workshop. In the morning, a student had learned the technique of Surrogation and had done a Balance for her 2-year-old son with his fear of dogs. What happened: Every time he met a dog when he was on a walk, he would fearfully dive into his stroller and scream. This was a successful strategy to get his father to walk as fast as possible, away from that scary dog. In the afternoon she phoned her husband to be picked up and then he told on the phone that something crazy had happened while walking that afternoon. Their child wanted to pet a dog they met!

Children and the Basic Workshop

In Australia a Basic Workshop was organised especially for children as an experiment. It turned out that children between the ages of 10 and 14 had the cognitive development to be able to learn the PSYCH-K® Balances easily and cooperate well with each other. On the afternoon of the third day of the workshop the children did Balances together with their parents. The results were amazing and touching. Children even gave suggestions to the parents for beautiful beliefs to be able to do together.

Additional condition

In addition to age, the only other condition for participation in the Basic Workshop for children is that at least one of the parents has also done at least the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop so that parent and child can do Balancing together and the parent can support the child when necessary.


I very often hear adults sigh doing the Basic Workshop with me: “I wish I had discovered this 50 years ago”. How beautiful it is when children learn to transform their limiting beliefs before they harm themselves or impose restrictions due to their limiting beliefs; so that our children can truly live to their full potential without unrealistic fears. I wish this for every child!

Need help for your child now?

On my website I have a list of Facilitators trained in PSYCH-K®. They have attended at least three workshops. In addition, they work professionally with PSYCH-K®.

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