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Principles of Nature 1-3

15 November 2021

The most experienced ‘life coach’ you can ever have is Nature.
She has millions of years of experience managing an entire planet”

These words are by Bruce Lipton, author of “The Biology of Belief”. He, along with PSYCH-K® founder Rob Williams and photographer Bruce Heinemann, created the beautiful short video “The Beauty and Principles of Nature” as a source of inspiration for living in harmony with Mother Earth and each other.

In the final months of 2021, Paula van der Werff (PSYCH-K® instructor) and Annemiek Keur (Facilitator) organized  inspiration afternoons for Facilitators around the theme Principles of Nature (see page 18 of your Basic Material). In this blog post you can read what was discussed in the first meeting and you will also read various beliefs to inspire you. Of course, it is always best to create your own beliefs.

We started the afternoon by listening to the beautiful song “Ordinary Miracle” to remind us that everything we think is so normal, like a rain drop or sunbeams, is actually very special. You can listen to the song here

We then asked ourselves some questions and tried to answer them as honestly as possible.

What do I learn from nature? What does nature give me?

We experienced that Nature gives us peace and a broader perspective. Trees, plants and critters don’t care about the ‘bigger’ world. Nature is a Guide to life where everything has a coming and going, and everything is in perfect harmony. We can be inspired by it and recharge ourselves to it. Nature is always in a constant process of transformation and we can learn from it to not be afraid when something stops, but trust that it transforms into something else.

We can learn a lot from the cooperation and adaptability we see in Nature. And we can learn to be in Nature, it is as it is and keeps changing constantly. It is good as it is, there is no judgement of right and wrong.

 “Nature always overcomes and seeks balance. Nature is not in a hurry but everything is accomplished. I am also nature so I can trust.

Recommendations include the film “Being There” with Peter Sellers in which a gardener’s ideas contain much wisdom for life, and the book “The Hidden Life of Trees” by Peter Wohlleben about the unexpected and incredible abilities of trees.

What am I giving to nature? How does nature benefit from me being there?

We doubt. Does nature actually benefit from me being there? I don’t actually have anything to give. How can nature survive me? In this context, we find it important not to make ourselves too small, to be mild towards ourselves. Even though we think we do (too) little, we can make other people more aware of nature. A beautiful belief in this context is, “I am a drop in the ocean and the ocean in a drop.”
We think Nature enjoys our appreciation, so we can consciously express our appreciation when we are in contact with Nature. As the poet K. Schippers wrote:

“You don’t need things to be seen, things need you to be seen.

We ourselves are a piece of nature; we can contribute by doing our best for another, and by just being there as beautiful human beings. We can also do practical things like take away plastic we encounter in nature. We can choose not to use poison in our garden and have plants that we use to create a natural environment where birds, insects, frogs, toads, and hedgehogs can live pleasantly and safely.

“I am a beautiful person and in doing so I contribute something positive to nature”
“I do enough, I am enough”
“Nature enjoys my presence”

This afternoon we also started working on the first three Principles of Nature.

The first principle is Collaboration

We love helping other people achieve their goals. We work with heart and soul, want to keep inspiration high, and make the world a more beautiful place. As Facilitators, we work alone and often tend to do everything alone, but 1 and 1 is more than 2 if all goes well, and especially in the times we live in. We see the importance of collaboration, exchanging without profit (although money is also just a form of energy), not only with other Facilitators but certainly with other disciplines as well. We want to connect, to network. We want to deliberately seek cooperation, not just to feed ourselves but because cooperation is good for everyone. You complement each other, and this broadens the possibilities for clients.

While talking, we come to the concept of co-joy; being happy for and with the other when the other is doing well, when the other is successful.

Our goal is to live our true potential, and what we realise ourselves, we also pass on. By keeping this common goal in mind, we help ourselves and each other overcome bumps in the road.

“I give others space to contribute in their way”
“I am open to unexpected connections that can lead to cooperation”
“I move from ‘doing it myself’ to being more collaborative”

The second principle is Adaptation

Swimming against the tide, continuing stubbornly with what you know or want despite burnout, resistance to step out of your comfort zone, running into a wall with your head, not listening to yourself, … it’s all familiar to us. When we really want to achieve something and we don’t succeed, letting go is not easy. How do you know when to stop and swim with the flow?

There seems to be a tension between adapting to changing situations and having our own input. We need the wisdom to look at, where do I go with the flow, where do I stay with my own flow, and where are they products of our conditionings. The magic word is finding the Balance between being flexible and guarding your own boundary, staying true to yourself. It seems contradictory but in order to adapt, we need to ask ourselves: Who am I?  What do I really like? What do I really want to do?

In order to adapt, it is necessary to change yourself, become more yourself, get closer to yourself, get a better grip on yourself. For this it is important to trust your Inner Guidance, and with PSYCH-K® you can remove inner resistance and learn to trust more in what will come.

“I am flexible and adapt when it is effective”
“Ik ben trouw aan mijn eigen intuïtie”
“It’s OK to compromise sometimes”

The third principle is Diversity

There is a lot of division in the world and even though we think diversity is a beautiful principle, we struggle to be open to, and understanding of, opinions that are completely contrary to our own values.

Mindful communication can help. By engaging in conversation with each other, you end up with something universal; you actually want the same thing, say safety or health or happiness, but have different ideas about how to achieve it. In a conversation, you can try to learn from each other. “I respect that you see things differently.”

The trick is to be able to tell the difference between unconditional love for someone’s Being and someone’s behaviour, and it helps to realise that evil is a distortion of love. We find it important to live by our own values and standards, and to let our voice/passion be heard without it consuming us. We want to have compassion for the other AND ourselves, recognise the hypocrisy in the other AND ourselves. The more we connect with ourselves and with nature, the better the world will look.

“I listen to the opinions of others with compassion and tolerance.”
“I like to listen to other opinions so that I can learn.”
“People who think differently from me are also allowed to exist.”
“If someone has an opinion different from mine, I am willing to listen openly to their story.”
“I am allowed to express my opinions, even if they differ from those around me.”

We conclude this inspiring and motivating afternoon with a text from Louise Hay

Beauty is everywhere.
Natural beauty shines in every little flower,
in the patterns of reflected light on water,
in the quiet strength of ancient trees.

Nature moves me;
it renews and refreshes me.

I find relaxation, pleasure and healing in the simplest things in life.
When I look at nature with love,
I find it easy to look at myself with love.
I am part of nature;
so I am beautiful in my own unique way.

Wherever I look, I see beauty.
Today, I resonate with all the beauty in life.

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