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MysticMag interview

6 October 2023

This interview was first published on MysticMag.
Written by Predrag Vlatkovic

Can you describe what PSYCH-K® is?

Paula: PSYCH-K® is the missing link between ‘understanding what needs to improve’ and ‘experiencing the improvement’. It is an organic and easy transformative process to come to a place where your life flows beautifully. Where you can experience life in the way it is meant to be. The process involves a dialogue with your Higher Consciousness and your body – to be able to use the wisdom that resides in both. It is for Martijn and me the most effective method to transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. The originator of PSYCH-K® is Rob Williams with whom I studied. I received the instructor license from him in 2015.

How did you get into this field and what sparked your interest in it?

Paula: I am a psychologist by training. I studied psychology and educational sciences in Israel and received a Master of Social Psychology at Harvard University in Boston, as well as a Master of Clinical Psychology at Leiden University in The Netherlands.

While I started working as a psychologist, I experienced disappointment with the results of my clients. The best result we could apparently achieve was providing insights and knowledge about their problems, combined with teaching them coping techniques. To be able to help them transform patterns of behavior on the subconscious level remained impossible, even with all these insights. This resulted in a lot of frustration about myself as a psychologist and in my clients because their desired changes were a lot of hard work for them and for the most part did not happen.

I studied a lot of different techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Systemic Coaching, Transactional Analysis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Solution Focused Coaching. I joined The School of Byron Katie twice, studied Tarot and a lot more. It was all helpful up till a certain point. I still needed another way to actually enable clients to change. This turned out to be PSYCH-K®. I am very grateful to have witnessed so many deep and significant transformations in people since I started teaching this method and using it in our coaching.

What can people expect from your coaching?

Martijn: I coach individual clients online and in-person. The way in which PSYCH-K® differs from most other psychology methods, is that we spend little time discussing ‘the problem’. Or the root of the limiting beliefs. Instead, we spend time to answer the question: What would you like to experience instead of this problem? What would you enjoy feeling? So, the focus is on what is desired, what is wanted.

Be it work, love, family relationships, money, spiritual path, literally anything. What is important is your answer when you ask yourself ‘What do I want?’

Having said this, I left my position as a director at EY to join Paula, so I’m happy to use my knowledge and experience of working in a corporate environment in my role as a coach. I see a lot of men and women, like myself, trying to get into a position that would suit their talents and knowledge, struggling to get there. I know what PSYCH-K® has brought me in my journey to becoming a director at EY. So, I know I can help a lot of people overcome their inner or outer ‘glass ceiling’.

What are your workshops like?

Paula: I teach various PSYCH-K® 3- and 4-day workshops: Everything starts with the Basic Workshop. In this Basic Workshop you learn two Balances (the name we give to the exercises) with which you can transform your limiting beliefs and free yourself from stress. There is the Advanced Integration Workshop in which the toolbox of techniques is expanded and in which we built upon the knowledge of the Basic Workshop. There is more, please seek out my website for all the information you may need.

The core of the Basic Workshop is learning the basic tools and then practicing them with other participants, till you feel comfortable with them. The process is given, what to transform is not. So, you get to solve a lot of your own ‘hiccups’ so to speak, to learn, to make mistakes and to get better at it. We share our experiences and the most interesting ‘coincidences’ happen during these workshops.

Can you give an example of what happens in a workshop?

Paula: This happened during the Basic Workshop. One participant was Fenna, a lady studying the Tarot and she was experimenting with her cards during lunchtime upon request of another participant, Jill. Not their real names, of course. Jill got many ominous cards from the Major Arcana: The Hanging Man, The Tower, amongst others. Both Fenna and Jill were really shocked by this, and we decided to address the fears in PSYCH-K® fashion. Jill transformed some of her fears with the PSYCH-K® Balances and Fenna afterwards pulled cards for Jill a second time. And yes, the ominous cards were gone, and a lot more happiness and prosperity were now on the table for Jill. A totally different atmosphere pervaded the cards. Jill had transformed her inner beliefs and stress and it was immediately reflected in the cards.

You also wrote an e-book called ‘Become the Master of Your Mind and Make Your Dreams Come True with PSYCH-K®’. Can you tell us more about it?

Paula: In the book I tell my own story about getting to PSYCH-K® and what it did for me. I give a lot of examples of the results of PSYCH-K® sessions, both in a workshop setting and in individual coaching. And I guide the reader towards empowering beliefs that will help getting closer to where he or she wants to be. I am very proud of the fact that the Foreword of my book was written by Dr Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief. I include the link to the e-book.

Apart from the book, Martijn and I write a monthly newsletter in Dutch for our participants and followers on social media.

My life changing story

Paula: When I encountered PSYCH-K®, I was rather incredulous. How on earth can anyone claim to change a deeply rooted limiting belief during a five-minute procedure into an empowering one? I had to push, metaphorically speaking, the reset button on what I believed to be true.

My world view used to be that I was surrounded by critical people, who aimed their criticism towards me. I was not living in a friendly world. My coping mechanism was to be on edge all the time, I wore a harness with spikes, somewhat like a hedgehog. And my father primed me with wisdom like: ’The first one to deal a blow will be the winner.’ So, I met with a lot of prickly situations, to which I would respond aggressively and if another retaliated in kind, my world view was confirmed as being true: people are critical of me! All the while longing for appreciation, being seen, and loved, simply for who I am.

During my very first PSYCH-K® Workshop I placed a lot of new empowering beliefs in my system: ‘I am good, exactly as I am’, ‘I’m worthy’, ‘I matter’. The best of all was ‘I love myself with all my heart.’ This was simply transformational. After this, I noticed I was no longer on edge all the time, preparing myself to deal the first blow. Like in a miracle, I was also no longer surrounded by critical people. Ever since I see how everybody else is like myself, sometimes happy, sometimes not. And when I get feedback, it is helpful, it is pointing me towards an even better performance next time. From this point on, my learning curve made a steep incline and so did my happiness and contentment.

So, you may see why I say: When you want lasting change, PSYCH-K® truly is the missing link.

For coaching possibilities (in-person and online) visit https://www.dewerff.net/en/coaching/.

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