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Differences left and right hemisphere

15 August 2020

Hersenen met armen die spierballen laten zien

In this blog I discuss brain dominance theory and what the differences are between the left and right hemisphere . How it is that our society is left hemisphere dominant. And how much we need Balancing to achieve a whole-brain state, in which we again have access to the qualities of both hemispheres of the brain.

Brain dominance theory

In PSYCH-K® we make use of the theory of brain dominance. The results of brain dominance research indicate that each side specialises in controlling different functions, processing different types of information and types of problems. The corpus callosum (the bundle of nerves that separates the sides of the brain) acts as a bridge or a blockage for processing information.

Different qualities of the left and right sides

The different qualities of both sides are listed below.

Weegschaal rondom linker en rechter hersenhelft
Left hemisphereRight hemisphere
Logical reasoningIntuitive and associative
Orientation on the IOrientation on the we
Past, present, futureAlways in the now
Thinking in languageThinking in images

A fun exercise: What qualities do you long for?

We are born with the ability to use both sides of the brain equally. However, under the influence of our upbringing, education and our own experiences, we tend to value one side more than the other.

During my workshop, I ask my students to look at the list that belongs to each side of the brain.

Which qualities do you value the most?

Take another look at the list: Which qualities do you desire the most?

Is the left side better?

In general, issues such as logic, analytical ability and punctuality are highly valued in our society. While we tend to see intuitive, spontaneous image thinkers who want to develop their creative potential as people who need to grow up and face reality. At the same time, there is a great longing for spontaneity, freedom, being together and being allowed to express your feelings. Many people hold themselves up for “when I’m retired, then …”.  Instead of making the most of their lives now.

Our educational system

This is not a surprising result when you look at our society. Our school system is left-brain orientated. How much time do we spend developing the qualities of our left side and how much time do we spend developing the qualities of our right side? If budgets have to be cut, the cuts are not made in mathematics or language classes, but the gym, music or drawing classes.

Our Healthcare System

Our healthcare system has undergone the same development. There are all different doctors for different parts of the body. In general, these doctors do not work together. It’s as if the body were really a machine. Instead of a system that is connected in many different ways, both internally and externally.

Evolution and brain dominance

This development towards left-side dominance can easily be understood in evolutionary terms. After all, there is no point in promoting spontaneity and freedom if you are starving. It is necessary to plan for the winter months. This is precisely a task the left side is very good at. However, we have gone beyond this. People tend to behave as if there are only winter months and that is not true. We are materially very well off in our Western society. How many things do you really need? In order to answer this question you need holistic (right side) insights.

Paradox of an overextended left side

Paradoxically, this left-brain approach is life-threatening in today’s society. Focusing on parts rather than looking at the bigger picture causes us to exhaust, pollute and abuse our earth. While a small holistic trip makes it clear that we only have this one earth. It is up to us to take good care of it, so that our children can also enjoy clean air, clean water, beautiful nature. Balance between the left and right sides is more necessary than ever.

Balance between the left and right sides creates the whole-brain state

By doing a PSYCH-K® Balance, you ensure that both the left and right sides of the brain are activated. A pattern that you also see in yoga practices. This ensures that there is no reactionary response based on old patterns, but that new solutions become possible. A whole-brain state is created.

Whole-brain state

The goal of PSYCH-K® Balancing is to achieve a whole-brain state. In a whole-brain state, you have access to both the left and right sides of the brain. This means that you are better able to choose your response to a stimulus, because you can use the thinking parts of your brain again, such as the prefrontal cortex. If there is a blockage, an automatic reaction is generated from the subconscious, often based on fighting, fleeing or freezing. These are the parts, such as the amygdala, that react from fear, for example.

Research Fannin and Williams

Jeffrey L. Fannin and Robert M. Williams have researched whether this whole-brain state is reflected in your brain. They published the results in three articles, each with a different perspective, professional group, in mind. In this blog you can find the links to the three articles.

What did their research involve?

Brain scans were performed on 125 subjects before and after a PSYCH-K® Balance.

The results showed that in 98% of cases, there were significant differences between the baseline measurement (before the Balance) and the post-test (after the Balance) demonstrating the presence of the whole-brain state after the intervention (doing a Balance).

Below, links to the articles:

Bruce Lipton on good and bad vibrations

Bruce Lipton explains in a video what might be happening in the brain during the creation of a whole-brain state. He explains the concepts of constructive (“good vibrations”) and destructive interference (“nasty vibrations”).


The use of the term whole-brain state helps to explain what happens in the brain during a Balance. In a whole-brain state, the left and right sides of the brain are brought into Balance, giving you access to the qualities from both sides. In fact, there is likely to be synergy, so that reinforcement takes place and you gain access to a much greater field of clarity and creativity than is possible with each side individually. There is still much to investigate and I hope that this will also be done in the near future.

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