Basic Workshop Amsterdam

Watervilla Inspire Amsterdam

In the space of a 3-day experiential workshop, certified PSYCH-K® instructor Martijn Lemmens will teach you how to tap into your inner wisdom in order to quickly change long-held sabotaging beliefs into beliefs that support you at subconscious level of mind and transform stress at the cellular level.

This workshop is organised from 15-17 November 2024 in Amsterdam at Watervilla Inspire. The location is easily accessible by public transportation (Amstel Station) and by car.

Please note: that this workshop is in English, has a maximum of 20 participants and the price is €1,100 including lunch!

Read more about  PSYCH-K® and the Basic Workshop.

Address: Joan Muyskenweg 2N, 1096 CJ AMSTERDAM

What is PSYCH-K®

PSYCH-K® is a stunningly simple method of transforming limiting beliefs into supportive beliefs at the subconscious level. Moreover, with this method you can remove stress from your body down to the cellular level. You can learn this method during this 3-day Basic Workshop in Amsterdam.

More information can also be found on the What is PSYCH-K®? page, in our free e-book or in the book from Paula van der Werff with foreword by Bruce Lipton: Become the master of your mind … and make your dreams come true with PSYCH-K®.

Basic Workshop

The PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop lays the foundation for the other PSYCH-K® workshops. During this workshop, you will learn the following

  • Two different processes to transform subconscious beliefs
  • To remove stress from your body

  • How you can define effective belief goals to optimise every part of your life

and more about which you can read on the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop page. The workshop is open to anyone who feels drawn to PSYCH-K®


We organise free one and a half hour webinars on Zoom. During a webinar we will tell about PSYCH-K® and what it can do for you. The webinar will last 1.5 hours and there will be enough time to ask questions. You can register for this free webinar with the button below. The webinar will be recorded to watch later as well.

We currently have the following webinars in English scheduled:

There are currently no workshops scheduled. As soon as a further schedule is known, it will be published.

Introductory session

Martijn Lemmens PSYCH-K® coach

To experience the PSYCH-K® process you can book an Introductory session with instructor Martijn Lemmens or one of the Facilitators selected for this purpose. During an introduction session you will work on your own issues and get acquainted with the 2 Balances from the Basic Workshop so that you can experience the effect of the Balances in your inner and outer world.

When you decide to do the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop you will receive € 75,- discount.

Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams about PSYCH-K®

Bruce Lipton
Rob Williams

Date and Location

The workshop is three full days. The first day is from 9:30 a.m. till 6 p.m., the second and third days are from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.

The workshop will take place at Watervilla Inspire, an inspiring location in het Amstelkwartier, Amsterdam. Limited parking is available, so please indicate when you register if you would like to use this. The address of the location is:

Watervilla Inspire – Joan Muyskenweg 2N, 1096 CJ AMSTERDAM

De next workshop at this location is:

  • 15-17 November 2024 - Amsterdam (English) - including lunch


The workshop costs €1,100 including study materials, healthy snacks and lunch. At the end of the workshop you will receive an affirmation of attendance, be able to participate in the PSYCH-K® Challenge and get access to a rich library of materials and protocols for PSYCH-K® Facilitators.

If you come with two or more people you each get a 5% discount.

You can book an introductory PSYCH-K® session, which will provide you with a discount of €75 if you register for the workshop.

Hotels nearby

If you want to stay nearby, there is a wide choice of hotels close by. The two closest hotels are:

Testimonials from workshop participants

Joanne Muller