Practicing regularly with each other generates a lot of additional  value. You can ask questions about things you’ve encountered, you receive and facilitate nice Balances, it is fun and you learn from each other. In this way you make PSYCH-K® a permanent part of your life.

Please note: The practice afternoons are for PSYCH-K® Facilitators only. Would you like to become a PSYCH-K® Facilitator? Follow the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop.

Facilitators will receive an invitation to the practice afternoons through my Newsletter for Facilitators.


Below are the dates and times of the next practice afternoons. Via the links below you can easily send an email to sign up. For online practice afternoons you don’t necessarily have to sign up.



No contribution is requested for online practice afternoons. For exercise afternoons in person, a contribution is requested from € 15, for space, coffee, tea, water and a healthy snack. Please be prepared to pay at the location in cash.

Interview Rob Williams