Bruce Lipton and PSYCH-K®

4 January 2022

Bruce Liption, Paula van der Werff, Rob Williams

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist and former professor at the University of Wisconsin Medical School and researcher at Stanford University School of Medicine, is a prominent and world-renowned author and speaker.

Bruce Lipton is the author of the book “The Biology of Belief.” In this book, Bruce Lipton convincingly demonstrates that it is not our genes that determine our life destiny. It is our environment that determines whether or not a particular gene is expressed. This environment also includes our beliefs and emotions. Dr. Bruce Lipton comes to this conclusion after extensive research into the molecular processes by which cells process information. Professor Lipton shows that beliefs, whether true or false, positive or negative, influence activity at the genetic level and can even change our genetic code.

The question that naturally comes up is: how then do you change your beliefs and emotions? To this, from his own cell research, Bruce Lipton cannot give an  answer. Although he has included the PSYCH-K® method in his appendix. Bruce Lipton himself used this method to write his book ‘The Biology of Belief’. He writes about this in the foreword to my e-book ‘Become the Master of Your Mind’.

In 1990 he gave a lecture in Colorado on how consciousness shapes our life experiences. In this lecture, Bruce explains that 95% of our lives are determined by our subconscious programs. When asked how these subconscious programs can be transformed, he was unable to answer, much to his regret.

Coincidentally, Rob Williams, the originator of PSYCH-K®, was the speaker after him. And he began his lecture by saying, “I will show you how the beliefs Dr. Lipton spoke about can be changed.” The PSYCH-K® process is a simple method you can use to transform your limiting beliefs into supportive beliefs at the subconscious level in 5 minutes. You can also use the same method to change your perception of stress so that energy can flow freely again.

As Bruce Lipton himself says, this lecture changed his life. In 2004, Bruce Lipton struggled to write his book “The Biology of Belief.’ He started writing the book three times and stranded each time. His subconscious mind was sabotaging his conscious attempts to write a book. It turned out that his subconscious program was afraid of being laughed at by his colleagues and he would no longer be taken seriously as a scientist. Bruce Lipton rewrote this program using a simple PSYCH-K® Balance and finished his book in a few months. PSYCH-K® is the method Bruce Lipton himself uses to experience heaven on earth and also to help friends and family members take charge of their own lives.

More about PSYCH-K®

You can read more about PSYCH-K® on the page: What is PSYCH-K®, in my e-book: Become the Master of Your Mind and also in my free e-book: What is PSYCH-K®? To learn PSYCH-K®, there are both an online workshop and in-person workshops available. The workshops are for people who want to transform their inner environment so that their inner pharmacy gives pleasure and joy, supports a good immune system and enhances cognitive clarity.

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